Watch Boity Talk Her Spiritual Journey And The Entertainment Industry

It is no longer news that Boity is a sangoma or spiritual healer (and so is her mother), so her talking about spirituality and the music industry may not surprise her core fans. Still, she gave an insight into this recently.

The “Wuz Dat” rapper was a guest on Mero FM recently and dwelled on several subjects, including her spiritual journey in the entertainment industry.

She admitted to having been through different types of spiritual journeys, noting that her being in the industry has pushed her the hardest and made her spiritual foundations harder. The industry can be ruthless, but she is prepared, thanks to her spiritual journeys.

She also described the industry as a soul snatcher and that one has to do extra work too, as one has no clue what others are doing and feeling. The competition is fierce and jealousy is rife. You can check out the clip below.

She should know, perhaps. After all, she has been in the industry for several years and has seen things for herself. And certainly, she is learning to look out for herself and not sleeping on her oars.

By the way, the songstress recently noted she is ready to start a family

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