Watch Boity’s Birthday Experience At Konka, Featuring Black Coffee & Other Celebs

If you missed the rapper Boity’s 33rd birthday, you have a chance to watch what exactly went down on that day. One word best describes the event, though: power.

The birthday at Konka was a gathering of the rich and powerful in South African entertainment, and expensive drinks flowed freely. Everyone had a good time, including the celebrant herself. Of particular significance was that celebrated international disc jockey Black Coffe was on the ground for the birthday bash.

Not only did she attend, but he also held court at the decks and turntables, providing music for all present. It was a moment when power embraced power and wealth smiled at wealth. You can check out the clip below.

Besides the glamour of the birthday, Boity has big plans for the future, In a recent tweet, she indicated that she was ready to start a family. Yup. The “Wuz Dat” rapper can’t wait to answer mummy and put her babies to sleep.

The only supposed snag at the moment is that she is not known to be in a relationship. Her relationship with the actor Anton Jephtha has reportedly grounded to a halt. Well, for Boity, life must go on and there is no stopping the party.

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