Watch Boohle To Amapiano, Her Life, Leaving Gospel Music & So Much More

Behind every there, there is a story. Some get told while others are left untold until death intrudes, somehow corrupting the narrative. South African musician Boohle is one lady with a story and she got to pour it out during an appearance on The Unplug.

During that appearance, the amapiano singer not only shared her story but also sang some of her songs before her hosts, creating an experience that will be remembered for a long time to come.

If you have been wondering how Boohle got her musical calling and how she got into music, she provided an answer to that, giving details about how her parents had wanted her to delve into gospel music.

She believed gospel music wasn’t her calling and decided to focus on the amapiano genre, which has the most fascination for her. Along the line, of course, her parents supported her when she became successful in what she wanted to do.

Now a star, how has it been navigating the world of fame and “fortune”? The songstress dwelled on that as well.

Really, if you’re a serious Boohle fan, you should make it a point to check out the video interview below, as it gives great insight into the singer.

The Unplug S2 - Interview With @boohlesa

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