Watch: BTS Star Jungkook Performs At World Cup 2022 Opening

Watch famous BTS member Jungkook perform at the World Cup 2022 opening ceremony.

It was a party this weekend as Fifa opened the 2022 World in Qatar. The fireworks were beautiful, and the opening ceremony was everything fans could ask for. Although many have complained about the ban on alcohol, the show went on, and everyone had a blast.

BTS star Jungkook hit the stage at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar to help open the show. He performed his latest contribution to the World Cup “Dreamers” to millions of fans in Qatar and overseas. And yes, the performance was terrific.

Jungkook’s dreamers hit the top spot on US iTunes, and it has gotten a lot of great reviews from fans. We are confident that a lot of people love it even more after that electrifying performance. Fifa has released the video of the performance on YouTube. You can check it out below.

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