Watch Bujy Bikwa Address Claims He Assaulted Boity

This is one story that has somehow refused to go away. It has gotten a life of its own and pops now and again, with South Africans sharing their thoughts on it — Bujy Bikwa’s alleged assault on South African Boity.

Previously it was reported that the two had a clash, and he had thrown a bottle at her, injuring her in the face. It had also been alleged that he was contrite soon after and apologised to her for the assault. In a recent interview, though, the media personality had an entirely different story to share.

During a sit-down on the set of Nkululeko n Cultr, Bujy had denied ever hitting Boity or anyone for that matter.

The conflict between the two dates back two years ago, when they had a heated argument one evening and he reportedly hurled a champagne bottle at her, leading to injuries. For this, he was arrested and granted bail soon after.

But he told a different tale to Nkululeko. He insisted he had never hit anyone with a bottle of champagne, and what many thought to be blood was not blood at all. You can check out the clip below.

Boity is yet to react to his latest claims.

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