Watch Cardi B hilariously stop Kulture from listening to “WAP”

Watch as Cardi B hilariously stops Kulture from listening to her hit song “WAP”.

Due to Cardi B’s famous no filter behaviour, many expect her to be the same way with her daughter, Kulture. However, Cardi seems to be a whole different person with her. We have seen this on many occasions.

A recent video of the “I Like It” rapper stopping Kulture from listening to her controversial hit song “WAP” has got everyone talking. In the video, Cardi is seen listening to the song when Kulture walks up to her from behind. The “Press” star stylishly stops the music so she wouldn’t hear it.

The video has since gone viral on the internet with many sharing their opinions on it. Some called the rapper out for her supposed bad influence on other people’s kids while being different with hers. Replying this statement, Cardi revealed she doesn’t let her child listen to her songs because she doesn’t make music for kids. According to her, she isn’t “Jojo Siwa”.

Others have hailed the Grammy winner for being a good mother. According to them, it is right for to prevent her Kid from hearing the music she makes. Check the video out below and let us know what you think.

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