Watch Cassper Do #NokthulaGalaxyChallenge With Universal Music TeamIn New Video

“Nokthula” was one of the songs in the family Tree rapper ‘s recently released “Any Minute Now (AMN)” album and one of the fan favourites as well.

Not surprisingly, the song has spawned a challenge which some of ‘s fans have engaged in. “Nokthula” may have been released months ago, but Cassper is clearly still in the spirit of the song.

This much became apparent days ago when he popped at the offices of Universal Music Group South Africa and did the #NokthulaGalaxyChallenge with the staff of the company.

It was a fun moment. Cassper Nyovest shared a clip of it, urging his fans to watch till the end. The clip, which is emotionally uplifting, is available below.

The clip dropped amid intense preparations for his boxing match with hip hop rival AKA. Cassper Nyovest and AKA have been contracted to box each other for mega millions and both have been preparing for the match.

While AKA had been lavish with sharing images and videos of his training sessions, Cassper Nyovest has been nakedly parsimonious. The songster would rather mock AKA’s biceps, describing them as “toothpicks.”

Well, the fight takes place in 2021, and we’ll be right here to bring you the fat of it.

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