Watch Charming Moment Connie Ferguson Nearly Demolished Her Trainer In The Gym

Known in many quarters as a fitness freak, South African actress Connie Ferguson showed this side of herself again during a gym session with her trainer. In the clip making the rounds online, viewers could see the moment the actress almost jabbed him in the face.

She shared the clip herself, noting how her trainer (who she didn’t name) had asked her to speed us as they traded punches as part of her training. But then, in following his instructions, she almost jabbed him in the face. She dropped a couple of laughing emojis, indicating the hilarity of the moment. You can check out the clip below.

Her compatriots who saw the clip were just as amused by that moment and what almost happened in training. Some commended her grit and strength in the video and some joked that she could easily take down a man in the gym. Each fan probably has a point.

Connie is doing well not only in her acting profession but in the health department as well. Most times, if she is not on set, acting or directing a flick, she would be found at her home gym, exercising and staying in shape. Not surprisingly, many young people look up to her.

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