Watch Da L.E.S Buy Alcohol During Lockdown

Watch as Mzansi rapper, buys alcohol during lockdown.

Aside alcohol and good music, what’s one thing everyone is always on the hunt for during lockdown? Well, good content. Shout out to the very talented rapper, who has committed himself to giving fans that with his new vlog.

The rapper has stated that the new vlog isn’t going to be about introducing himself as a rapper, but will deliver the content we all signed up for. This is obviously unexpected and fun. In the first episode, he embarks on an adventure to find alcohol with DJ riding along.

Truly, it is quite the adventure as they both hit a parking lot where it all goes down. After a phone call is made, an unknown man comes through and hands them the package (alcohol). Of course, is impressed. You can check the full episode out below.

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