Watch: DBN Gogo Immortalizes Mpura In Khuza Gogo Music Video

He might be dead, but amapiano singer Mpura continues to live in the memories of those who love him. The latest artist to memorialize the late singer is DBN Gogo.

A singer, DBN Gogo had immortalized Mpura in the music video of her song “Khuza Gogo.”

With the video, she joins the ever-expanding list of musos who have immortalized the songster one way or the other since his death. Mpura had died years ago in a car accident that also killed five others, mostly amapiano singers.

His death had sent shockwaves across the amapiano universe, with some peeps crying out loud, and others holding concerts in their memory. Lady Du, for one, had gotten a tattoo to memorialize Mpura and Killer Kau.

DBN Gogo’s release of “Khuza” in Mpura’s memory is nothing surprising. Back in November last year, she had tweeted about shooting the video and dedicating the same to Mpura. Here’s the tweet, if you missed it back then.

Watch: DBN Gogo Immortalizes Mpura In Khuza Gogo Music Video 2

In a post to Instagram later this year, she had announced the imminence of the music video, letting fans know where it would be available.

The video is available now, and you can watch it below – and maybe remember Mpura.

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