Watch DJ Tira Tease Song Featuring The Q Twins & Sithabile Zungu

Several hours ago today 14 January, on Instagram, Afrotainment boss DJ Tira shared a teaser of an imminent song featuring Q Twins and Sithabile Zungu. He had worked with the twin sisters previously.

From the caption to the post, the imminent song might have notes of faith to it. The quartet was in a happy mood and just might provoke a similar mood in fans when they eventually release their song. You can check out the clip below.

Watch Dj Tira Tease Song Featuring The Q Twins &Amp; Sithabile Zungu 2

From the responses to the clip – a storm of the fire emoji – it was clear fans were into what the “Ikhenani” muso had shared. Will the final song be just as engaging? We can’t tell.

By the way, DJ Tira gave no title to the teaser nor if he would eventually release a full song – and when. At any rate, we’re following events keenly and will bring you any collaborative tune from the quartet. In order not to miss it, you might want to follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsfeed.

Well, have you any expectations regarding the upcoming song? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.  Way to go!

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