Watch: DJ Zinhle breaks down hit song – “Umlilo came from God”

DJ Zinhle gave the full idea behind her popular “Umlilo” singles.

The DJ released her Umlilo track last year and it became one of the best songs released in 2019. What people might not know about the song is that, Umlilo which also translates to “Fire” in Zulu, is a song that praises God. Although it might be played mostly at parties and clubs, the singer stated that the song narrates the scenario in the Bible where Moses met God in the burning bush.

The DJ was certain that it will become a big song and it made her teary anytime she thought about it. she continues that she feels spiritual anytime she listens to the song and the song came as an inspiration from God.

DJ Zinhle made this known on her close up interview with Red Bull SA. She took to her page to share excerpts from the session.

See post below;

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