Watch: DJ Zinhle Revels In Her Husband Murdah Bongz’s Company

The energy they share is pretty infectious and they never get tired of showing love to each other and advertising the same for the world to see.

Well, South African singer DJ Zinhle and her husband Murdah bongz were hard on their affection game again recently, with DJ Zinhle taking the spotlight for how she treated her man. In a clip currently making the rounds online, the songstress could be seen gushing over her man.

It was a beautiful moment that would gladden the heart of any lover. But her affection is not in isolation or a one-way thing. Murdah Bongz himself is effusive in his show of affection towards his wife. In public and in private, the energy is the same.

Interestingly, their relationship faced so much criticism at the outset, with some people advising Murdah Bongz not to marry a baby mama (DJ Zinhle had a daughter from a failed relationship already). He ignored them all and went ahead to marry her.

In retrospect, he clearly has no regrets for the decision he made about DJ Zinhle. The two have a daughter named Asante, bringing their family to four. And they are not done yet. The rest is left to time.

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