Watch DJ Zinhle Say No To Marrying Murdah Bongz

She may have given Murdah Bongz his first child and first daughter, but DJ Zinhle is not keen to get married to him just yet. It isn’t for lack of love, though. She seriously loves him, but she’s not ready to say “I do” just yet.

Murdah Bongz, a member of the South African boy band Black Motion, had popped the question, but DJ Zinhle had declined. At the moment, she is focused on her career, and marriage is not in the cards for her yet.

And, she had also spoken on the vitality of Murdah Bongz getting along with fellow musician and father of her first daughter, AKA. This should pave the wave to the marriage department for her.

Her declining Murdah Bongz’s proposal formed the topic of the most recent episode of her reality show on the BET network, The Unexpected.

The show had been conceived to take her fans through her pregnancy journey, and it has been doing great since it launched.

From the look of things, AKA never proposed to her when they were dating. But Murdah already envisioned an eternal future with her. By the way, compared to AKA, fans are of the view Murdah Bongz was actually the man for her.

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