Watch Domani’s “Friends” Music Video Featuring Nasty C

In a move that should chuff his fans and send them scrambling to YouTube, American singer Domani has released the music video of his song with Nasty C, “Friends.”

The title of the clip is pretty explanatory. It brings together the many threads in a story of amity, with the American and South as the canvass for narration.

Domani is the son of the American rapper TI, with whom Nasty C collaborated on the song “Black a& White,” which formed part of the “Zulu Man With Some Power” project. The interest in the may have died down a bit, but not so for “Black & White.”

Anyway, Domani had a deep love for Nasty C and his rapping style, and he’d flown to Mzansi to meet the Zulu Man. They had worked on the music video, which is now available to the world.

The “Friends” music video plays for precisely 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Not exactly one of the longest music videos out there, but empowering as a work of art and a salute to amity to those who would listen.

The music video should be a splendid choice tom those who want to start their weekend on a grand note,

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