Watch Donald and Cici Tease Upcoming “Uzobuya” Song

Fans of an might be in for a good time as the pair has stormed the studio, ready to unleash something to the world.

While there is no official release from them yet, we have at least a teaser from their studio session. Given how fans have been lapping up the teaser, we might say that the finished song might be a hit with fans on release.

On her page, had shared a clip of her studio session with , who had done the same. You can check out the clips below. It is obvious the two artistes are good together and photogenic as well. herself acknowledges her musical chemistry with Donald.

Apparently the two artistes are working on a song entitled “Uzobuya.” One recalls that the radio disc jockey and singer has a hit song of the same title.

Anyway, with no date given yet for the release of Donald’s and Cici’s song, fans can only wait and see. We will be out here to bring the song to you on release. In order not to miss it, you  might want to subscribe to our newsfeed as well as follow our social media channels.

You can share yur expectations about the song in the comments.

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