Watch Elaine Perform The Acoustic Version Of ‘Right Now’

Elaine Drops Shining Star: An Intro Video | Watch

Watch as RnB singer and songwriter, Elaine performs the acoustic version of her most recent hit “Right Now”.

There is good reason why Mzansi RnB star, Elaine is so loved. The talented singer knows exactly what her music should be all about. Just when we thought she was still taking all the time she needed to create, Elaine dropped the new jam “Right Now”.

It quickly shot up to the top of tne charts where is belongs. Elaine has since released an official video for the song, and also performed it Live on Africa Day. Of course, we are all so proud of how impressive the song is.

She’s now also released a video of herself performing the acoustic version of the song. The new performance is only available on YouTube and Apple Music exclusively. You might want to check it out below and sound off on it in the comments section.