Watch Episode 2 Of Mr JazziQ’s “Mr JazziQ & Friends” Podcast Feat. Pabi Coooper

Mr. has released the second episode of his “Mr. JazziQ & Friends” podcast featuring singer and performer Pabi Cooper.

You may have noticed that a lot of our favorite celebs, both local and international, have been starting their own podcasts. Of course, that seems to be the rave of the moment, and most of them pull it off really well. We could say the same for Mr. JazziQ, who recently debuted the “Mr. JazziQ & Friends” podcast.

The first episode of the podcast featured Sizwe Alakine in collaboration with Spitz. It was very entertaining. He has now returned with a second episode. We must say we are excited to check it out too.

The new episode features the very talented Piano star who has been dominating the airwaves with her music all year. and Cooper pulled off a very entertaining chat. You can watch the new episode below.

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