Watch Faith Nketsi Prove She Actually Has A Tiny Waist & Does Not Edit Her Pictures

Just how tiny is the rapper and reality show host Faith Nketsi’s waist? She has made her social media posts all about her body and has sucked many South Africans in accordingly. Now, all they look at is her body, and their comments are focused on the same.

Her waist, which is seen to be thin in all her Instagram images and videos, has been of great curiosity to many South Africans, with some of them claiming that she edits her pictures to make the waist look thin when it isn’t in real life.

Clearly, Faith had had enough of the claims. So she made it a point to prove her critics wrong. What other way to do that than by measuring the waist for all to see – in a video she shared herself?

In a clip currently making the rounds online,m she had measured the said waist with a tape to prove that she is indeed as thin as she looked in her pictures.

Her fans were in her comments to support her as usual while her critics were also there to rake a swipe at her. By the way, she has moved out of her husband Nzuzo Njilo’s house with her daughter amid divorce rumours.

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