Watch Gigi Lamayne Deliver “Black Child Believe” Spoken Word On A Piano

Gigi Lamayne delivers "Black Child Believe" Spoken Word on piano

Gigi Lamayne delivers “Black Child Believe” spoken word on a piano.

Yo, if you’ve got a minute, check out Gigi Lamayne’s new spoken word. Sis should just add Spoken Word Artist to her list of credits. Whatever’s inspiring all this should keep going because we can’t get enough.

Yesterday, the Mzansi star dropped the first one. She spoke about black people having superpowers. We can swear, the atmosphere changed when we heard that. It was inspired by generational bondage, spirituality, and more. Now she’s back with a new one to give hope to the brown and black skinned child.

She calls it “Black Child Believe” and there’s a piano setting the mood. This is quite inspiring for someone who has been through so much. Gigi has figured out ways to fight through her struggles to be what she is today. To say we’re proud of her would be an understatement.

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