Watch Gigi Lamayne Self-made Mojo Jojo Video, The Quarantine Version

Gigi Lamayne releases self-made "Mojo Jojo" video, The Quarantine Version

Gigi Lamayne delivers a self-made video for “Mojo Jojo” the Quarantine Version.

If you aren’t already into Gigi Lamayne’s new song “Mojo Jojo”, she’s bringing it to your faces with her recent self-made video for it. The popular female rapper changed the game when she delivered the song which featured American rapper, Bri Biase.

Since it dropped, Gigi has been in the process of promoting the song. Truly, everyone in Mzansi is impressed by it and the fact that the rapper collaborated with an international artist. This means that it is the start of a new beginning for the rapper and her music.

She recently took to her Instagram page to deliver a quarantine video for the song which she reportedly made herself. The two minute video is quite impressive and focuses on her. You might want to watch her “debut” into videography. You’d surely be glad that you did.

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