Watch Gigi Lamayne’s “Why Black People Have Superpowers” Spoken Word, It’s Touching

- Spirituality -Generational Bondage - Self belief #SpokenWord

Gigi Lamayne delivers amazing spoken word titled “Why Black People Have Superpowers”.

If anyone would know how to expertly deliver a spoken word, it is definitely Gigi Lamayne. The queen of bars has found various ways to entertain both herself and her fans since the lockdown began.

Now, Spoken Word is one of them. Who knew she was such a poet. She recently took to her social media pages to share a 2-min long spoken word titled “Why Black People Have Superpowers”. It is based on spirituality, generational bondage, and self belief.

We all know the Mzansi star has been all about her connection to God and her ancestors for a while now. So, this doesn’t actually come as a surprise. She previously spoke about her recent wins and the change in her life in a series of tweets. You might want to check out her the spoken word, you might find it interesting enough.

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