Watch Gogo Vibe With Felo Le Tee & Myztro’s “Dipatje Tsa Felo” Song

Watch this very entertaining gogo vibe to Felo Le Tee & Myztro’s “Dipatje Tsa Felo” song.

When people say “live a little”, they mean you should let your hair down and have some fun. If the world thought like that, it would undoubtedly be amazing. A recent video of a gogo vibing to a Piano jam has made rounds on social media.

We must say, we are impressed. Mzansi singer, Vusi Nova recently reposted the video, and everyone has been gushing over it. It features a gogo giving to Felo Le Tee & Myztro’s “Dipatje Tsa Felo” at an event. Other gogos join her, but her vibe is on a whole different level.

The video has gone viral, and everyone loves it. Many have praised her for dancing so well, even at her age. This might be what you need to see to make you smile today. Check the video out below.

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