Watch Harry Styles and Florence Pugh In Steamy “Don’t Worry Darling” Trailer

Don’t Worry Darling trailer had some viewers screaming approval and others scratching their heads as Harry Styles and Florence Pugh simulated sex. 

Olivia Wilde’s latest creative effort has the films The Matrix, Inception, and The Truman Show as inspiration. The filmmaker said she wanted to create something that pushes the boundaries of the imagination. 

In that, she had apparently succeeded. While the trailer of the flick has only just been officially released to the public, footage from it has already been viewed by audiences at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on April 26. 

In the trailer, Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were a husband and wife duo with the names Jack and Alice respectively. The trailer starts on a tranquil note with Jack and Alice enjoying a car ride and eating doughnuts. 

In another scene, they’re together in bed and cuddling. Alice, looking for a form of assurance, asked Jack, “You and Me?“ He answered that with an emphatic “always,” followed by her very words but without the question mark. 

But then, it’s one thing to make that assurance and a different ball game — you may say a contrast to what was said — to actually keep Alice in the dark about some of his projects. 

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