Video: Emtee’s 30th Birthday Celebration With Family

Emtee recently turned 30, and it was a moment of Cele ration for him and his family. Well, who in his position wouldn’t celebrate? The songster has come a long way, from obscurity to fame to the turmoil of a failed record label deal with Ambitiouz Entertainment. The songster has seen enough at his young age already. And he’s still standing.

In a clip shared online, Emtee could be seen with his family. His wife entered the room bearing two packages from Platoon, an independent music distribution platform that the songster had worked with.

In the clip, he asked his lady, Nicole Chinsamy, what was in the package and then went ahead to open it. The box contained plaques from the Recording Industries South Africa (RiSA), confirming that Emtee had hit gold status with three songs from his “Logan” album, an independent project he released following his exit from Ambitiouz Entertainment. You can check out the clip below.

By the way, Emtee also has another surprise for his fans. He didn’t give details about it but merely mentioned it in passing. Anyway, whatever the surprise is, be sure to check back for it here. The coming days should reveal a lot. Stay tuned.

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