Watch Iron Mike Tyson In Tainin For Fight With Jake Paul

He is no longer in his active boxing days, but from the look of things, American boxer Mike Tyson has not given up his gloves just yet. Nothing else explains this better than his planned fight with Jake Paul.

Yup. You heard it right. Iron Mike is heading back to the ring, and he is already preparing hard for the bout. In a post on his official Instagram page, Mike Tyson promoted the imminent fight with a clip of him training for the fight.

For one who is currently 57 years old, Mike Tyson was pretty swift in his training video. Whether he would exemplify the same swiftness during the match is unclear. You can check out the post, which has been liked over 4 million times, below.

The fight with Jake Paul has been greeted with mixed feelings from netizens. While some netizens are pleased with the prospect of him returning to the ring – which gives them a chance to see him in action – some are worried that he is risking his life with this fight with Jake Paul, who is three decades younger.

If Mike should win the fight, many people would attribute it to his being a professional boxer, unlike Jake. And if he should lose, they will likely blame it on his age.

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