Watch Jennifer Lopez Do The #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge

Jennifer Lopez had fans talking when she did the #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge. She did her challenge at the beach, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of her eponymous second album “J.Lo.”

At the beach, she could be seen having fun with throwing away some of her gear at the shore. First flew her sunshades, then followed her jacket and her watch. When fans thought she was about to remove her t-shirt throw it away as well, the songstress covered the camera with her hand. Thus ended the recording. Such a tease.

She encouraged fans to join the challenge, stating she can’t wait to watch their renditions.

It was dramatic, and it charmed fans, who thronged the comment section with their thoughts on their impressions of the video and what it did to them.

A fan who goes by the Twitter handle @ronisverybusy wondered if the celebrated singer wants her fans to throw away their valuables at the beach while their friends film the exercise.

What do you think of JLo’s # #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge? Did she nail it, or you think you can do something better? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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