Watch JR Tease New Season of Feel Good Live Session

If you think JR’s Feel Good Live Session is over, man, you are mistaken. The South African hip hop champ has just teased a new season of the popular show, and it’s worth viewing.

The responses to the teaser have been pretty massive, with some fans declaiming they can’t wait for the full dose. And, neither can we. When the full dose drops, we will feature it here. In the interim, you can check out some fan responses below.

From the teaser, we can easily predict the full version is going to be wow. Given the sterling run the Feel Good Live Session has had since inception, one cannot expect a decline in quality at this moment. JR, the bloke behind it all, owes us some consistency, at least.

By the way JR had earlier this month opened the floor for his fans to choose who they want to see on the next Feel Good Live Session, and fans had made suggestions of some of the names they would love to see. Care to know who they are? Patience, mate.

Whatever the final decision on those names, we will surely bring them to you here on UbeToo. You gotta stay tuned for updates.

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