Watch: Jub Jub Teases Song From Upcoming Album With Tbo Touch

Mzansi musician Jub Jub has got a collaborative album with Tbo Touch imminent, and he’s more than happy fans should have a clue what’s coming.  In a recent post to Instagram, Tbo Touch had shared a teaser from the project.

In the teaser, the two artistes could be seen singing along. In the caption to the posts, Tbo Touch had indicated that the album will be available on October 31.

Before the official release, however, a select few will hear the song first at an exclusive restaurant. According to Tbo Touch, it’s just him, Jub Jub, and their friends, with no cameras allowed. You can check out his post below.

Watch: Jub Jub Teases Song From Upcoming Album With Tbo Touch 2Tbo Touch is mostly famous as a radio presenter. It would surprise many that he would be releasing an album with Jub Jub. From the look of things, it has been a period of great collaboration for Tbo Touch.

Just recently, he had linked up with DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh to establish a radio station called Fired FM. The station was so named because all its founders were fired from their jobs as presenters.

Anyway, it remains to be seen what impact Tbo Touch’s album with Jub Jub will make on release. We’ll be here to share the project with y’all. So stay tuned

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