Watch K.O Explain Why He Quit Consuming Alcohol

For many in the music industry, their lives cannot be divorced from alcohol. As long as they are there making music, they have to drink. This was exactly the case with celebrated rapper K.O once upon a time. But his life radically altered in 2008, and he made the decision to stop drinking.

But how did that really happen? During an appearance on DJ Sbu’s Hustler’s Corner podcast, the songster delved into some detail about the subject. The decision to stop drinking came out of a moment of introspection.

According to him, it was around the period that he was part of a hip-hop collective known as Teargas. The band was doing well, but he was also questioning himself within, wondering about his life, the things he would love to do, and the responsibilities he had to take.

He insisted that he didn’t have any alcohol problems. He merely realised that there was more to life than just consuming – something he thinks should be for specific occasions. But, really, alcohol wasn’t serving any purpose in his life, so he decided to ditch it.

But that’s not all. The respected rapper also noted that he doesn’t smoke as well. You can check out the detailed interview below.

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