Watch Kabza De Small Declare He Might Leave Social Media Over Constant Trolling

To be a celebrity is to be a target for trolling. But no and then, celebrities get tired of all the trolling and decide to ditch social media platforms and free themselves from all the negative energy.

Music producer Kabza De Small is seriously contemplating that after recent trolling. A clip of the songster at the barber’s and seemingly drunk while the clippers whistled on his head captured the attention of netizens recently and most mocked him for being drunk.

Some advised him to take it easy with the drink and focus more on the music. Those words clearly got to the amapiano musician and he reacted in a clip which you can check out below. He noted he might deactivate his social media pages, from Twitter down to Instagram.

Fans who are keen to continue to see him on those platforms advised him to ignore the trolls and just live his life. Some let him know that he should be more focused on those showing him love than those trolling. And yet some could not care less if he stayed or left social media.

Ultimately, the decision to leave is his to make. But we doubt he would leave given the role social media plays in projecting his brand.

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