Watch Kabza De Small Get Mad At Fan In Botswana For Refusing To Get Off Stage

Watch as DJ, Kabza De Small gets mad at a fan for refusing to get off the stage while he was performing a gig.

We rarely ever see Kabza De Small pissed. A recent event that happened in seemed to have gotten to him because he couldn’t hide his displeasure. From a video shared to social media, a fan can be seen on the small stage with him while he was performing.

A man seems to be asking the fan off the stage but things get out of hand when Kabza gets pissed by it all. There are no real explanations to what went down or what led to what, but we get to see Kabza pissed at least.

In a comment shared on the post, an Instagram user claims that it wasn’t Botswana. According to him, Kabza was there for 2 days and did not wear the clothes he has on in the video.

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