Watch Kabza De Small Teaches Lady Du Some Dance Moves

Kabza De Small isn’t just a maker of music, he’s into dance as well. At least that’s the ultimate deduction from the moment he tried to teach fellow musician Lady Du some dance steps.

Lady du had shared a clip of their encounter, noting Kabza De Small’s attempt to teach her, as well as her place in the world of music. Ou can check out the clip below.

Kabza De Small and Lady Du are both amapiano musicians. The former started before the latter. At the time he started, not many were into the genre. Some people even gave a timeline for the genre to disappear. But amapiano is still here.

Interestingly, Lady Du is one of the singers leading the charge of the genre. The DJ and producer has not only released solo jams of her own, but she had also worked with Kabza De Small previously. Their song “Woza,” which featured Mr. Jazziq and Boohle, is still fresh in the memory of music lovers out there.

Well, with Kabza De Small’s lesson video ou there, we wouldn’t be surprised if the songster should now snap the title of a dancer – or if his fans should give him the title.

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