Watch Kabza De Small Tease New Music With DJ Tira & Young Stunna

The de facto king of amapiano music, Kabza De Small, is gearing to release a new song with compatriots Young Stunna and DJ Tira and has just given fans a teaser of what is to come.

DJ Tira is not an amapiano singer, so it’ll be interesting to see how he’d fly on a piano beat. Also, he doesn’t have a collaborative history with Kanza De Small.

In contrast, Young Stunna has worked with Kanza De Small multiple times previously. So, if they should release a song now, it would be a reunion of sorts for them.

Kabza De Small, born Kabelo Motha, is the leading figure in South Africa’s amapiano orbit. He’s also one of the most prolific, too. He started playing piano music at a time when interest in the genre was patently weak. In fact, at that time, some people had given a timeline for the genre to disappear into oblivion.

Well, amapiano has flourished, and it’s now the in-thing in South Africa, drawing devotees from other genres, from rap to pop.

Anyway, if Kabza De Small, Young Stunna and DJ Tira should formally release the song they teased, you can count on us to share the same with you here on UbeToo. So follow us and stay tuned.

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