Watch Kanye West Take A Leak On His Grammy In Viral Video

It’s almost weekend and it looks like the drama has begun already for Kanye West, America’s presidential hopeful.

The songster recently went on a wild rant on Twitter, denouncing record labels for their treatment of artistes. He describes it as modern day slavery. But the champ isn’t done just yet. A video has circulated online showing the “DONDA” rapper urinating on one of his Grammy awards.

Kanye West uploaded the video himself via his verified Twitter account. His caption indicated he isn’t going to stop not anytime soon. You can check out the video, which has since gone viral, below.

It has been reported that Kanye West does not own his masters, and he isn’t pleased with this. He said Universal music would not tell him the cost of his masters because he can afford to buy them all back. He has vowed not to make new music until he has his masters back.

His taking a leak on one of his Grammy is part of his protest at the various contracts he had signed previously which gave him no control of his masters. But most of his fans think he is degrading himself by urinating on his award.

What do you think?

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