Watch Kasango Explain How “Osama” Song Title Was Created

Zakes Bantwini had created a hit called “Osama” in collaboration with fellow dsc jockey and producer Kasango Music. But have you ever wondered why the song was so named?

Well, one of the men behind the song, Kasango, has detailed just that on a recent appearance on the set of Metro FM Top 40  with DJ Sabby. He also spoke on little-known aspects of his person and music.

What makes “Osama” particularly interesting is that the song started trending even before it was officially released. Zakes Bantwini had teased the song on the set of Kunye Live Mix,  provoking a wave of excitement among those who listened to it.

In no time, the song had become the biggest on radio, earning Kasango and Zakes Bantwini more bragging rights, as the saying goes.

If you care for the details on the making of the song, you may want to listen to what Kasango has to say in his interview with DJ Sabby. It’s Kasango the man and his music as you probably never knew them.

Fun Fact: Kasango was previously known as DJ Kaznova. After a one-year hiatus, the songster had returned to the music scene, rebranding himself and wooing fans with “Osama.”

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