Watch Kwesta Reveal The Origin Of His Deep Voice

Have you ever wondered how South African rapper Kwesta came about his deep voice? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore as the songster himself has just revealed that himself.

The deep voice was no accident but the product of serious cultivation. Yes, he wanted the voice and he worked to get it. Now he has it – a testament to his determination to get whatever he put his mind to.

The songster recently shared how he came about the voice and other aspects of his life and career in a recent interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Budha T Podcast. According to the “Ngud” hitmaker, the voice his fans hear throughout his music was not natural. He cultivated the voice.\

He gave some insight into how the voice came about, noting it all started when a cousin of his introduced him to cigarettes. Cigarettes weren’t things he considered cool at the time, though. But poetry was of course cool. He would always shout at the cousin and ask him what he was doing. The voice came from there.

Zingah yabbed him a bit over his comment about cigarettes and his deep voice, noting that Kwesta what Kwesta had was a “cigarette voice.” Kwesta was in good humour himself and took the yabbing well.

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