Watch Kwesta’s “Kubo” Studio Session With K.O & Focalistic

South African rapper Kwesta recently released a body of work titled “g.o.d GULUVA,” which has “Kubo” as one of the tracks.

“Kubo” has and K.O as guests. If you have wondered about what went into the creating of that tune, you’ve got an answer right here, Kwesta having released a clip of his studio session with the duo.

In a post to Instagram, the “g.o.d GULUVA” himself had shared what went into the creating of the song, which might be counted among the easy favourites in the album he just released.

“Kubo” is like an old-new-old mix. The lead artiste Kwesta is an oldie in the universe of South African music. is a newbie, and K.O. is an oldie – or a veteran, if you please.

Kwesta and K.O. are nuts. once was. But he hadn’t received the support he desired in hip hop so he’d made a switch to amapiano. But he’s apparently available to jump on hip hop tunes by his pals and associates in the industry.

The meeting of these three artiste might pass for fine poetry. So it wouldn’t hurt to help yourself to it right now by watching the making of the song in the video below. Yes?

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