Watch Lady Du & Pabi Cooper Dance To Their Newly Recorded Unreleased Song

Watch as female Mzansi hitmakers, Pabi Cooper and Lady Du dance to a recently made unreleased record on social media.

We are so excited for what is coming this year. It is only the first week of February, and Mzansi’s biggest hitmakers have been hinting on plans to dominate the entire airwaves with new music.

Lady Du, especially, seems to be everywhere. The Mzansi star has been killing it since last year. She definitely brought all of that infectious energy into this new year. While her featured song “Umlando” seems to be blowing up on social media, she is busy making more music and giving her fans tastes.

The Mzansi star recently took to social media to reveal that she’s got a new tune with the very talented Pabi Cooper. Pabi has been stealing hearts lately. Du reveals that the song was just made as they both dance to it. Hopefully, this one drops soon.

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