WATCH: Lady Gaga’s new music video shot on an iPhone

Lady Gaga drops new song video shot on an iPhone

Watch Lady Gaga’s brand new music video for “Stupid Love” shot on an iPhone.

A lot of artistes have been shooting their music videos on iPhones lately. The cool thing is that the quality of the video is still impeccable which says so much about the latest iPhones in the market right now.

For a really long time, fans of pop star, Lady Gaga have waited for the singer to dish solo music even before she dropped the “A Star Is Born” soundtrack album. We all know that “Shallow” which is off the won a whole lot of awards including an oscar and Grammies.

Finally, today, the singer delivered her highly anticipated single, “Stupid Love” with a very interesting video stressing the need for love on earth. Who better to preach love and peace than the mother monster herself. She surely is all about love and peace, and that’s what her new music is about.

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