Watch Lamiez Holworthy & Khuli Chana Rock The Dance Floor

Watch Lamiez Holworthy & Khuli Chana Rock The Dance Floor

A clip surfaced online over the weekend showing musician couple Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy having a good time at an event. Known for giving couple goals to many, the two gave more goals to those seeking great relationship.

In the clip, the two could be seen dancing together, sometimes suggestively. Social media users were chuffed with their chemistry and performance, and showered the two with compliments.

Some social media users expressed the hope of one day being in a similar relationship – with someone they truly vibe with. Others commenyed on the vitality of marrying one’s type. You can check out the clip below.

Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chaba have been married for years, and many point to them as the ideal couple.

By the way, Lamiez Holworthy recently indicated she would be taking a break from Twitter, citing the turmoil in the world and her mental health. Her Twitter hiatus follows her 29th birthday during which Khuli Chana spoiled her with 29 gifts.

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