Watch Lloyiso Covers Kanye West’s “All Mine”

Known for his charming covers, South African singer Lloyiso shows once again that he’s earned his stripes and knows drop covers that engage the soul. He’s just dropped a cover of the American rapper Kanye West’s “All Mine.”

Based on what he wrote on his Instagram page, he’s just discovered the song by the American and decided to release a cover of it. He tagged Ye to the tune, acknowledging he’s super late with the cover.

But who cares? In the comments, his fans didn’t appear to care. Instead, they thought he actually did a fine job with the cover of the American’s song.

That number was part of Ye’s eighth studio album, “Ye,” which soon became his legal name following an application for a change. The song featured vocals from fellow Americams Ty Dolla $ign and Ant Clemons.

Fans were chuffed with the cover Lloyiso released. But will Ye notice the tag, listen to the cove and actually show interest in it? We can’t tell. But it would be a career boost to the South African if the American should share the cover. Until then, stay tuned y’all.

And if you haven’t listened to the original “All Mine,” you can check it out below.

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