Watch MacG Read Letter Indicating AKA Cheated On Anele With Da L.E.S’s Baby Mama

Since Nelli Tembe’s passing, from a tragic leap from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town in early April, dirty details have been pouring on social media on the relationship AKA had with her prior to her suicide.

The latest details come from the current episode of Mac G’s Podcast and Chill. In the said episode, the podcast host had said he obtained a letter  from a (nameless) relation of the late Nelli Tembe.

The said letter indicated that struggled massively with abuse as well as dishonesty on AKA’s part. According to the letter, AKA was cheating on Nelli Tembe with Aurea, the girlfriend and baby mama of his (AKA’s) buddy Da L.E.S.

found out about his infidelity and felt betrayed, thinking it too low of her man to be sleeping with a woman belong to his supposed bosom friend

Da L.E.S. reportedly found out later, leading to a strained relationship with AKA. The two were to have worked on a music video together, but Da L.E.S. backed out after finding out about AKA’s relationship his girl.

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