Watch Major League’s Bandile flex with his wheelchair in Kenya

Watch as Major League’s Bandile flexes with his wheelchair in Kenya.

For a while now, Bandile of the Major League duo has been seen working about with the aid of a stick. The popular hit maker has not let it hinder him from delivering good music to Major League fans. Several of them, and even celebs have urged him to take a break but he’s still continued to put in work.

Bandz and his twin bro recently jetted out to Kenya for a gig and he seems to be having the time of his life. He recently shared a clip of himself flexing his wheelchair for his followers to see. The video has gotten a lot of reactions from his fans and fellow celebs. Most of the reactions show how much everyone is glad he’s having a great time. It surely is nice to see that he isn’t letting his injury hold him down.

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