Watch Makhadzi Celebrate 100k YouTube Subscribers, Receive Award From Video Platform

It was a moment of joy for popular Venda artiste as she surpassed 100k followers on YouTube and received an award from the video-streaming platform for the milestone.

Makhadzi, who’s got an electrifying stage presence, has a dedicated following in South Africa, so her recent milestone is nothing surprising.

Chuffed about her YouTube success, she had tweeted her thanks to her fans days ago, adding the heart and praying hands emoji to indicate she was seriously grateful. You can check out the tweet below.

By the way, the songstress was recently blasted online after a photographer shared an image of her performing, with her thigh, which was dark, visible to the audience. She had had to apologize over the video, which she never permitted to be shared. Her core fans defended her, though, insisting the photographer had shared the image to promote his own brand.

At 25, is easily one of the most accomplished musicians in South Africa. She’s built a house for her grandmother, one each for her mother and father and another for herself.

Recalling how her mother and father came to have a house each, she had stated that the fact they were separated was no reason not to show love to them equally.

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