Watch Memorable Moment Tyla Returns To Her Old School, Edenglen High School in Johannesburg

Nothing is nearly as poetic as making it in life and returning to the school where one was a kid and a student at some point. The waters of memory wash over you with such warmth you find yourself almost lachrymal. And the young scholars currently studying there look at you with awe.

They look at you with reverence, wishing in their hearts to have a similar moment in the coming years – the moment when they, too, would have made it and returned to the same school as important figures to encourage the other students that anything is possible if they are ready to put in the work.

Well, this was the experience of South African singer Thyla recent. She recently visited Edenglen High School in Johannesburg, where she was once a student. There, she reflected on her time in that academic environment. She wore a flimsy dress and was beyond pleased to be back at the school.

From the clip shared online, it was obvious that the students were just as pleased to have her come around and speak to them. You can check out the video below.

Tyla is currently one of the trending voices in South African music thanks in part to the massive success of her song “Water.”

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