Watch Memorial Service For SABC Presenter Pearl Shongwe

It has been said that the good and those who make an impact are often remembered after their deaths. This statement turned out to be true in the life of Pearl Shongwe, the SABC presenter who died at home over a week ago.

A memorial service was held for the Daily Theta presenter at the SABC head office in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, with friends, colleagues, and family in attendance.

It was a shock moment for the media space when Pearl Shongwe’s family announced to the world that the Metro FM presenter, 35, passed away at her Midrand home. No one saw it coming, and the grief was deep.

At her memorial service on October 16, her elder sister recalled their relationship and how close they were. She noted that she was like a mother to Pearl and believed that even on her last day, Pearl would know she had her back.

Besides sharing some fond memories about her sister, she also read from a poem titled “She Is Gone,” which provoked wistful sighs from some members of the audience.

Pearl Shongwe’s colleague at Metro FM Marian Nyako-Lartey also shared fond memories about the late Pearl, noting that Pearl wanted them to travel together this December and just have the best time. Unfortunately, that will no longer happen.

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