Watch MFR Souls, Earful Soul, Ms Cosmo, Dj Sumbody, Shimza & PH On Lockdown House Party @ 18:00 Till Midnight

Channel O Lockdown Party to happen at 18:00 till midnight

Channel O Lockdown Party featuring MFR Souls, Earful Soul, Ms Cosmo, DJ Sumbody, Shimza and PH to happen at 18:00 till midnight.

For everyone who has been complaining about being bored this lockdown season, well, your prayers have been answered. It seems you wont be bored for a really long time today. Starting this evening, the internet would have a lot to keep you busy.

The online parties on social media these days are enough to keep you entertained for a decade. Today alone, the scheduled parties happening are much. One of them being the Channel O Lockdown party, which is scheduled to start from 6pm till midnight.

The party is expected to feature some bad ass disc jockeys including MFR Souls, Earful Soul, Ms Cosmo, DJ Sumbody, Shimza, and PH. With this kind of lineup, you need not be told that is going to get crazy. We can’t wait to watch it unfold. The announcement was made on Channel O Instagram page with the caption:

On tonight’s line-up of the #LockdownHouseParty, brought to by @hunterscider in partnership with #ChannelO: 🔊 @realmfrsouls
🔊 @earful_soul_sa
🔊 @mscosmosa
🔊 @djsumbodysa
🔊 @iam_ph

Tune in at 18:00 until midnight for good fun!

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