Watch: Moozlie’s Cosy Moment With New Boyfriend?

Has Soputh African lover Moozlie gotten a never lover in her life? Well, she seem ingly teased a new bloke  and caused quite a buzz with the same.

In a clip currently making the rounds online, she could be seen fighting hugging (and seemingly kissing) a man who appeared to have gone to the airport to welcome her. Or vice versa.

The clip lasted only 6 seconds and was shot in such a way that those who watch it cannot possibly see the face of the man and establish his identity.

Anyway, the fact that the clip was shared in the first place suggests that Moozlie wanted the public to see it and say whatever. In that case, it might be said that she has succeded.

While the public debates whether or not she has found a new ;over after the collapse of her relationship of several years with her former manager and boyfriend, the rapper herself has said nothing just yet.

At any rate, it is only a matter of time before more details emerge about her relationship and where it is headed. for now, you can check out the clip of her and the alleged new lover below.

And, stay tuned.

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