Watch Moshe Ndiki And Musa Fight It Out At White Lounge In Sunninghill

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula and actor Moshe Ndiki had a scuffle at White Lounge in Sunninghill, and bouncers at the place had to separate them.

The actor had reportedly attacked the blogger for spreading falsehoods about his marriage on Twitter, where he’s pretty influential.

According to multiple witnesses, Moshe Ndiki had provoked the fight after he “jumped on” Musa Khawula. He had reportedly fought the blogger to the ground before security separated them. A clip showed Musa dusting himself from the ground after the fight. You can check it out below.

In a couple of tweets soon after the fight, Musa Khawula had mocked the actor while dismissing him as having a serious battle with drugs. He also claimed that Musa is a talentless actor who had assaulted his former husband (Phelo Bala) multiple times, leading to their separation.

He dismissed Moshe Ndiki and encouraged South Africans to donate to the actor through a link he provided. You can check it out below.

In South Africa, Musa Khawula is infamous for sharing stuff about celebs, most of which is routinely denied by those mentioned. He had riled many celebs that way. And from the look of things, he isn’t done yet.

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